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Your Pathway to Recovery
Integra Rehabilitation's Programs offer a variety of comprehensive, interdisciplinary patient-focused services. One of our primary goals is to develop individualized treatment plans designed to enhance each patient's ability to return to an optimum level of function and safety. Some of the programs offered by Integra Rehabilitation include:

Orthopedic Program

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Helps patients who have sustained an orthopedic injury or disability - such as orthopedic surgery, fracture, joint replacement, degenerative condition (e.g. arthritis) and other muscuoskeletal conditions - to resume normal activities, including walking, dressing and bathing, and improve movement and strength.

Post-Stroke Care/Neurological Program

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Assists patients who have suffered from a stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries or other neurological disabilities to regain their independence in performing daily activities, including mobility, speech, chewing and swallowing.

Dysphagia and Dining Programs

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Addresses patients' oral motor and swallowing skills so that they may be able to take in food and liquids safely and will help to increase patients' self-worth and social interaction, while regaining independence through improving the patient's ability to eat/dine with confidence.
Wound Care Program - view / download PDF
Designed to treat patients with severe wounds, decrease pain while focusing on appropriate positioning, improve ability to function, and educate families and caregivers on a treatment plan.

Positioning and Contracture Management Program

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Designed to reduce the risk of immobilization, including pressure sores, loss of sensation and muscle atrophy, and improve body alignment.

Cardiac Recovery Program

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Designed to help patients with coronary artery disease and/or recovering from heart attacks, heart surgery and cardiac diagnosis/surgeries by minimizing the loss of physical, mental, social, and occupational function through exercise and education with a interdisciplinary team approach to rehabilitation.

Celebrate Success Program

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Allows patients to see their progress throughout the rehabilitation process, increasing their satisfaction, and enables associates to communicate those successes to patients' primary physicians, case managers, and families.