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Points of Service

Skilled Nursing Care Facilities

Integra strives to be a leading provider of rehabilitation services in the long-term care setting. Skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapy services offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs in an effort to meet our individualized patient needs. Some of the programs offered by Integra Rehabilitation include: orthopedic, post-stroke/neurological, dysphagia, wound care, dining program, positioning /contracture management, cardiac recovery, Celebrate Success, and community education programs.


Acute Care Hospitals

Integra provides rehab services in the acute and long-term care hospital settings. These services may include a single service of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or any combination of these services. Skilled treatments may be individualized patient needs in accordance with their neurological, orthopedic, and medical/surgical diagnoses.

Assisted Living Facilities and Independent Living Facilities

Integra Rehabilitation’s Agency offers an integrated interdisciplinary program designed to improve the physical and cognitive functions of assisted living and independent living residents. Services may include focused screenings, such as fall risks, safety, and adaptive equipment needs; customized in-services for facility staff, which may include ergonomics; and a wealth of educational resources.

Home Health Services

Integra provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services for patients in their homes through various Home Health Agencies. Therapy services provided in the home are individualized to support the recovery and rehabilitation for patients following surgery, injury or illness or to assist a patient with a chronic disease to safely remain in their home.

Therapy Staffing Needs

Integra seeks to be your Provider of Choice for both long-term and short-term therapist placement through Community Staffing Solutions to meet your rehabilitation needs. Our therapists have experience with patient populations from pediatrics to geriatrics. We strive to match our therapists’ skills, certification, and experience with each customer’s specific needs.

currently provide: physical therapists and assistants, occupational therapists and assistants, and speech-language pathologists.

Community Staffing Solutions understands the staffing challenges facing our industry today and our goal is to help you meet your patient / client needs. Having our therapists on site allows you to provide quality care and clinical outcomes that your customers expect and deserve.